10 Jan, 2019

The term ‘Annual Report’ has prompted visions of books filled to the edge with boring language and tedious balance sheets. What follows is an ensuing headache at the thought of folding through the year in a review. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If created thoughtfully, an Annual Report can be a powerful communication tool to showcase company highlights, and present your company’s distinct culture.

The best Annual Reports can engage stakeholders, delight them and even funnel in potential investors. As more emphasis is laid on creative presentation, it is quickly becoming the latest format to benefit from good design.

In this list, we have listed innovative masterpieces honoured by the juries of the LACP Vision Awards, ARC Awards and IBA Awards. Out of the thousands of report submissions judged every year, we are very proud to say that one of our client’s report (ZEE Entertainment) too has been among the winners. Let's look at some of the top creative Annual Reports that impressed CEOs and won noteworthy awards in the recent years.


Bagging 7 ARC Awards, China Telecom’s 2017 Annual Report clearly jutted out as world class. Following a comprehensive theme of ‘‘Co-building our Smart Future’’, CT’s online report was designed to replicate a cube of Tetris pieces. The cube indicated the relationship between CT and its stakeholders. By ‘’dismantling’’ the cube into its various components, readers could experience the ‘’building blocks’’ of company reporting. The digital Annual Report for China Unicom was another great accomplishment and bagged multiple awards. It revealed a galactic theme with many interstellar spotlights, which were represented as asteroids, blackholes, and constellations. The user is invited into a 360degree visual environment and has to move through ‘’space’’ to explore facts, and figures of China Unicom.

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On completing 25 years, India’s first Hindi TV network looked to thwart away from a lazy ‘Silver Jubilee’ theme for their Annual Report. Instead, Zee surface with a new philosophy to mark this landmark- Extraordinary Together. To elaborate the essence of Extraordinary Together through the report, a mosaic treatment for all of the reports imagery was pursued. Performance-oriented high-impact human images along with outburst of their brand colours further accentuated the spectacle their report deserved. View the LACP award-winning report here.

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LACP presented Alternatif Bank with a Gold Award for its Annual Report in 2017. The design of its Annual Report was themed around the Bank’s rebranding with its "A New Future on Solid Foundations" motto taking centre-stage. A special printing technique was used to animate the old and new logo into one another on the cover design, emphasising the bank’s rebranding from ABank to Alternatif Bank.

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The Weatherford 2016 Digital Annual Report highlights the Company's association with customers, progress in technology, advances in sustainability throughout 2016 and elaborated its priorities for the coming year. The Annual Report received many praises for its clean and modern design, clear navigation, beautiful imagery and great overall user experience.

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