11 Aug, 2022

All companies across the globe use their Annual Report as a means of showcasing their work culture and successes. Besides these key elements, this report is also a great means of marketing and promotion, with the intent of inviting more people to fund or invest in these companies. However, it’s not just enough to quickly put together facts and financial figures and present them to an audience. An Annual Report needs to be designed, structured carefully, and properly actually to be effective.

In previous years, annual reports were extremely bland and boring, both in design and presentation. Today, the work of designing and creating an attractive, efficient, and effective report is usually done by professionals. So let’s take a look at some Annual Report design trends that are popular and can be used to enhance your company’s Annual Report.

A lot of companies use flow charts to depict their facts and figures in their Annual Reports. But what if you could get a professional to use infographics instead? Infographics are much more visually attractive and easier to understand in any presentation or report. Additionally, it provides a proper but brief look at everything the company has done in the past year. This means not having to go through pages and pages of information that will possibly overwhelm and bore the audience entirely.

This is not exactly a new trend in annual report design. However, back in the day, most companies went with creating their Annual Reports on sheets of white paper, written in black. Today, everyone wants their Annual Reports to stand out. The idea behind it is to invite and inspire stakeholders to see what the company has done over the past year. Therefore this Annual Report design should be fantastic and at the same time reflects your brand and the company’s energy.

Vibrant and bold brand colors breathe life into any Annual Report. By using a bright and bold color palette, not only are you enhancing the brand’s visual style but making it more attractive to the audience. Additionally, bold colors can be used to highlight important points and grab the audience’s attention quickly.

Introduce the audience to the people in your company in your Annual Report design. But we don’t mean that you should only showcase your senior management. Many employees may have achievements that have helped the company grow. Also, loyalty is something that makes a major impression. For example, a person who is retiring after more than 3 decades deserves a mention in the company’s Annual Report since it shows his or her loyalty to the company. Your designer and content developer can help you bring these elements to life through case studies and achievements.

Why is this necessary? It makes your Annual Report interesting and more down-to-earth. The audience isn’t going to be interested or stay engaged if all they are looking at is financial data.

Well, there you have it. These are some of the Annual Report design trends to look out for in 2023 and incorporate into your annual report. At DesignMyReport, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your Annual Report isn’t only just about the facts and figures. Get in touch to learn how we can bring it to life! 

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