05 Dec, 2018

The quicksilver pace at which the market fluctuates a thing may be true one moment and not the next moment. In which case, unavailability of real-time information can cause mayhem to investor decisions. After all, investor decisions depend largely on up-to-date information. This makes an interactive experience vital to investors.

A static layout versus an interactive one

Initially, it was a common practice for most brands to go with a static layout on their investor relations (IR) site. It was considered the more practical and realistic option as opposed to up-to-the-minute, interactive information. But more and more companies are shifting to interactive information for their IR sites.

What’s driving the shift?

With the eminence of investor relations increasing it has become imperative that brands pay attention not only to getting the best Annual Report design or Annual Report design ppt but how they design their IR site. And if an investors decision rides on the IR website it’s only natural to showcase it a way that is most convenient to investors. Interactivity is a potent tool that can be harnessed to give investors a seamless experience with up-to-date information.

Benefits of introducing interactivity to your IR site

It can be assumed that the value of interactivity will only grow in the future, considering the benefits to investors. In which ways will it make your IR site shine?

  • IR sites with an interactive layout are easier to use which makes them more convenient to your investors
  • An interactive layout makes your site more immersive keeping your investors longer
  • Interactive layouts integrate various information as well as design elements to make communication effective and engaging
  • An intuitive, easily navigable interactive layout IR site has the potential to impress audiences and influence investor decisions

As technology advances the dynamics of the interactive design premise will evolve. Make sure your website evolves with it. After all, ensuring a robust and seamless IR site experience to your investors can answer the all-essential question: To invest or not to invest?