11 Jan, 2019

Nearing the end of fiscal, we often get asked by clients whether they should stick with a printed Annual Report or consider a digital interactive version. Our answer: do both. Many forward-thinking companies have already begun to utilise digital Annual Reports as a window to capture investor’s attention with interactivity, animation and easy social sharing functionalities.

Here is our case for why you should consider making the jump to digital Annual Reports in 2019

Digital reaches more hands, literally

People are increasingly accessing information over the internet, and mostly on their mobile phones. While this observation might seem obvious, the actual stats and global impact cannot go unmentioned. Surveys say over 36 percent of the world's population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018, up from about 10 percent in 2011. It is predicted that by 2020, almost 7 out of 10 people will own mobile phones. Online reports give companies the capacity to quickly reach and influence targeted groups while saving up on print costs and shipping time. Not to forget effortless referencing and revisiting.

Survey source

Digital platforms permit use of video and animation to boost engagement

A significant component that catapults an online report from its traditional printed version is its ability to include interactive components like video, animation and audio. You no longer have to rely only on text to get your message across. According to a Forbes Insights Survey, 59% of executives prefer watching video over reading text. Integrating interactive elements can bring your report to life. Animated financial numbers and statistics can prompt a new level of graphic interest which otherwise might be diluted by just digits on a paper.

Forbes Insights Survey

Digital facilitates better visual communication

In a study carried out by Xerox, it was found that 76% of respondents found information easier to read when it was presented in colour, and 69% said they understand new ideas when presented in colour. Whether it’s for an Annual Report or promotional flier, colour is crucial. While the significance of visual communication has been established, many companies sacrifice colourful visuals to save on printing costs. When produced on a digital medium, a spectrum of compelling visuals can be used without having to worry about print prices.

Study colour

Digital lets you track activity on your Annual Reports

Annual reports that sit on digital domains can be tracked for reach and readership. You can examine how content is being experienced and which sections of the report have most traffic. These insights can add value while developing new marketing efforts or even with identifying focus points for your next Annual Report.

To conclude, while it’s important to scout fresh digital landscapes, it’s also critical that you keep the familiar for audiences that are not there yet. The traditional consumption of printed reports should not be overlooked. A splendidly designed and proficiently written report gives weight and importance that can solidify a company’s stature. A combination of both digital and printed will allow traditional stakeholders the personal experience they might prefer, while showing a larger demographic your commitment to innovation via an interactive online report. So if you were to ask us whether to print books or go online, we would suggest that you choose the benefits of both.