22 Nov, 2019

An annual report is made up of collated data and crunched numbers. A successful annual report engages, educates & impresses the reader.

To ensure that the report achieves maximum impact, it needs to be presented in the easiest way possible. The report should also allow the reader to share the report with persons of interest.

A video annual report is a fitting solution for creating an interactive and engaging medium of business communication. A few progressive businesses have adopted video annual reports as a tool to summarize their business key points, while some see it as an opportunity for leadership dialogue.

Impact of Video Annual Report

A number of companies, and their respective executive boards are embracing the potential of moving images. Video annual reports allow a company CEO to directly interact with internal and external stakeholders.

By listening to the CEO or different board members speak, we get to know who the leader of the organization is. We learn about what the company stands for and believes in. We get an idea of the strategic goals being set, and what the organization is doing to achieve them.

With senior leaders speaking directly to their audience, it is much easier for them to relate to the character of the company and its leaders. A personal touch is added which makes the video annual report authentic.

CEOs of more than half of the Top 50 Fortune Global 500 companies interact via video - WeberShandwick

The CEO of a huge company looks even more tangible and removes anonymity from the picture. The company is no longer faceless.

Any stakeholder will associate the success of a company to its management. During a year of distress, with doubts creeping in among stakeholders, sending a video message of positivity from the company CEO can raise morale.
No board letter or message can beat a video statement of appreciation by the CEO.

Benefits of Video Annual Report

Trust me when I tell you that, only an award-winning report design agency can design an impactful video annual report.

Contrary to a digital report, where the report gets embedded within your company website, the video annual report can be shared directly on video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Social media engagement is a business metric for several B2C companies. The video annual report can be directly published on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (the latter being the only logical choice for B2B companies).

A successful video annual report will,

  • reach a wider audience
  • better engage with a user
  • boost conversion rates
  • accompany company emailers
  • increase your website’s organic traffic
  • enhance company branding
  • gain trust and credibility

Video Annual Report Examples

Let’s look at examples where a video annual report can also be passed on as a corporate video.

Anand Mahindra Reviews M&M's FY18 Performance | Mahindra & Mahindra | Mahindra Rise
Anand G Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, reviews the performance of Mahindra & Mahindra’s FY18.
Mr. Mahindra is the focus of the report video. Key company insights, designed as illustrations, appear throughout the duration of the video, wherever relevant.

EPO | Annual Report 2017
The European Patent Office published a video annual report, highlighting the growth rate of patent applications for the year 2017.
The video contains a voiceover, with graphics illustrating the data points.

The Associated General Contractors of America | Annual Report 2015
Although titled as an annual report for 2015, the video is a corporate video cum video report.
Association members, working with different organizations, speak about their contribution and output towards the association’s core value.

Deloitte UK | Annual Report Insights 2017
The short, insightful video covers the key bits from Deloitte’s survey of corporate reporting practises. In the end, the audience is encouraged to download the survey report from Deloitte UK’s website.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) UK | Annual Report 2017
Kevin Ellis, the Chairman of PwC UK, presents the video annual report for 2017. The video delves into portraying PwC’s strong work culture, and happy working environment.

Reliance Power | Video Annual Report 2013
The video annual report covers everything from Reliance Power’s latest equipment procurement to its endeavour to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Greater Des Moines Partnership | Partnership Annual Report 2017
The video annual report covers the company’s participation with investor relations, business partnerships, events, summit, career fairs, etc.