10 Feb, 2020

The company annual report benefits everyone. They are important for investor relations, and in building a company brand.

They provide a structured overview of the company’s exploits for the past year. The beneficiaries of a company’s annual report are employees, media, customers, and of course, investors.

A company annual report introduces key company personnel to stakeholders. The company’s growth strategy for the coming year is revealed. These metrics help decision-makers within the company itself.

Business operations and its financial position are listed on the report. Analysts and potential investors dissect the smaller details on the report.

The company’s annual report is the best source for business performance and business well- being. A company annual report is an integral part of corporate reporting.

The sections within a company’s annual report consist of:

  • an opening message from the Chairman
  • brief business profile
  • management analysis
  • essential financial information

The Chairman or CEO’s message consists of a snapshot of the company’s recent developments. Company initiatives are mentioned. These are capped off with a summary of the company’s financials.

An insight is provided into the working of the company. Its success and failures are briefly reviewed upon.

The business profile section includes a mission statement about the company. The details here include information on company directors, officers, investor profiles, services, products, revenue and risk factors.

Management analysis gives an overview of business performance. It also highlights sales, income, and profit margins.

Drastic shifts in marketing efforts or sales are to be included in this section. Business acquisitions and new personnel recruits are mentioned here.

The financial information section is the most important. Current and future investors get an idea that depicts how well the company has performed. It answers questions about the company’s ability to pay off its debt. The company’s growth plans are set.

Financial statements such as, shareholder statements, income statements and cash flow statement are the major elements here. Operational expenses, the proportion of revenue retained and general profit and loss figures dominate this division. Added elements here are market prices of shares, company dividends paid and accounting policies.

Company’s annual report elements

The most important element in a company annual report is the message. Any annual report design agency will tell you that the message impacts your readers the most.

An annual report is a perfect platform to highlight company accomplishments. Employees and investors are informed about the past year’s performance.

Companies build trust and foster a long-term relationship with investors. They do this by connecting the report’s message to business accomplishments, and final goals.

If your message is strong and narrated like a story, it simply adds to the report’s appeal. Annual report storytelling can map out its content in a structure.

This overall structure or storyline makes it easier for the audience to identify the heroes of the company. With precise and unambiguous content, your professional position is maintained throughout the report.

Instead of disguising company losses and inflating company accomplishments, simply add them to the report’s narrative.

Bring the story out visually through the annual report design. A top annual report designcompany can add visual elements that support your narrative. It is a powerful tool for business storytelling.

Readers must be able to scan through the report for information and locate them easily. This can be accomplished through report design. A report design expert will use headings and sub-headings. The content will be made short and crisp.

The complimentary colour scheme will be added along with layout techniques. Quotes, captions, and custom fonts will enhance the quality of the report.